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Israeli Holstein

The Israeli breeding program creates a highly productive Holstein cow, which is small and efficient, with excellent longevity, persistence and fertility.
Our breeding program has managed to cope successfully with the hot and humid climate. This program is also Eco friendly as our program reduces the emission of greenhouse gas.

The Productivty of the Israeli Cow
The Israeli cows are the highest production cows in the world.
The average of a milking cow in 2014 was 11,781 Kg milk with 3.70% fat and 3.26% protein.
These outstanding results are the outcome of years of breeding, as can be seen in Figure 1.

The Israeli Genetics
Figures 2 represents the genetic trends of the major fitness traits of our index.
Since 2002 the trend of daughter fertility and longevity, together with milk production are positive.
This trend is highly appreciated by the dairy farmers in Israel and it is part of the Israeli Index and the Bulls selection.

SION's Bulls
Every 6 months SION publishes the new bull list of 20 Israeli Holstein proven bulls, for the general service of the Israeli dairy farms.
These bulls are chosen from 250 young bulls, during an assessment period of 5 years.
The bulls are ranked according to the Israeli Selection Index PD11 and the Genomic Selection.

SION's 5 year breeding program

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