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SION Israeli Company for AI & Breeding
Gedera Post Office
PoBox 98373 Gedera 7057102 ISRAEL
Telephone: +972-8-8592812/3
Fax: +972-8-85933381
About Us

As Israel's leading company for the artificial insemination and breeding of dairy cows, we are proud to introduce you to our variety of services, including the supply of high quality bulls' semen, genetic consultation, recommendations for breeding procedures, courses and training sessions for acquiring artificial insemination skills and a variety of professional services.

The Focus
  • The promotion of Israeli breeding in cooperation the Herd Book.
  • The constant improvement of artificial insemination and breeding services.
  • The export of high quality semen to countries around the world in order to improve production.

The Objectives
  • To be able to collect two-week old calves for breeding from the different farms.
  • To raise the calves under Sion control and professional supervision.
  • To provide treatment and care that will lead to the lowest possible depreciation.

The SION Profile of Excellence
  • Sion is Israel's sole company for the production of frozen Holstein bulls' semen.
  • Sion is the country's leading company for AI techniques, with decades of experience.
  • Sion's bulls, with excellent genetic characteristics, combined with professional management, ensure high producing dairy cows, in spite of the hot and humid climate.
  • Sion's bulls contribute to sound fertility parameters and high levels of longevity.
  • Sion is responsible for 95% of all dairy cow inseminations and breeding in Israel.
  • Sion's breeding index focuses on production and economic fitness characteristics.
  • Sion is an integral part of the 3 pillars: insemination techniques, expert veterinarians and the Herd Book data flow.
  • Sion's mating program ensures very low inbreeding percentages.
  • Sion's data reliability assures trustworthy and dependable genetic parameters.
  • Sion's bulls are of the highest quality, due to the combination of mutual cooperation among Israeli breeders and the central data system, along with the lack of incentive for preferential treatment of elite cows.
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